Chill Hangout Spots (Delhi)

Its hip and happening ! The best corners to spend an evening out in Delhi and are pocket friendly are no doubt Warehouse Cafe, CP & Odeon Social, CP.

Lets start with Warehouse Cafe.

This was the first cafe I had been to when I stepped foot in Delhi. Its a warm cozy spot with tables both for a large group to a cuddly corners for a date. The music is always the latest ones playing ranging fron trance to pop to jazz to bollywood. Also in the weekends are special live band performances which are mind blowing. Not to forget there are live performances during the weekdays as well.

The booze is a well stacked arrangment & has a great range from their famous mocktails to vodka, beer, gin, whisky, scotch, wine. You name it and they have it ! Their food menu is though basic and all food tastes good.

The interiors are dimly lit and the cafe has a welcoming aura with a rooftop sitting arrangment as well. All in all Warehouse Cafe is a must visit especially during weekends.

Odeon Social is my current favourite. This place has an old school charm to it and is most famous fot their LLITs and over the top creative mocktails and food menu.

This place is a hot spot for many as it has light music playing throughout the night and has the interiors are appealing. The set up is a combination of a school and a library with shield and accolades on the walls to desks for people to sit.

The walls are decorated with hashtags and interiors are mostly wooden. Apart from all this the food here is amazing. This place is known for its food. The menu is creative. Infact the entire concept of Odeon Social is based on a archaic theme with a fusion of modern munchies and drinks.


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