Everything was mundane.

The laptop, the black strong bitter coffee, the half-slept king size bed and the same old scribbling on the diary.


She hurried when the door bell rang.

Her hotpants shrunk upto her crotch..

But little did she care as she knew it was Him

The door was no more the barrier as they stood there.

Their eyes doing a different kind of ball.

And there bodies …ahh well frozen !


He was pulled in a deadlock by her.

Uncountable kisses, hugs as if those arms could go around the world !

His bagpack no longer was what he carried..

Lifted her in his warm muscular embrace

And they both lay in her half-slept king size bed.

Their eyes still doing a different kind of ball

But it was the rhythm of their breath which caused a well synchronized choir.


Their lips met, making their fingers trace each and every part on their bodies.

The well synchronized choir turned into what seemed like a savage chase on her half-slept king size bed.

Her moans, his swole yet tender body putting her in a trance of what could be called the best passionate thrusts..

She dug her nails deep into his back,

Inclining her neck at an angle to make way for his teeth to sink in.


She knew it was her turn to turn bad,

She tuned the mundane laptop to play the most erotic one in her collection.

And as she took the sip of her aphrodisiac infused black strong bitter coffee

Her half-slept king size bed held her king in a tied position.

Little did he knew how much deep his girl could gag on while giving head..


He reached the limit where he could no longer be awed by her amazing body.

And looking from down under as she rode better than a cowgirl,

Broke his ties which held his hands secure..

Their drill was lit, seemed like a increasing open fire.

Passion, heat, screams, moans seemed like just words before.


Her half-slept king size bed was envious of them.

Composed by – Avneet


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