UK Central – Heart of Doon

My hometown is not only about mountains now. It’s all that and much more! Buzzing with life and enthusiasm, the concept of gastro pubs has completely swept this town off its feet. This takes us to one of the most hip places (drumbeats) …… UK CENTRAL.

LOCATION : Next to Pacific Mall, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

Be it after a tiring day after shopping (pacific mall being next to it duh!), a casual date scene, chill out with friends or a night out with family this is the place you ought to try. The interiors are vast and mind blowing. By vast I meant that this pub houses a total of 3 different themes; first the all time famous bar counter with a formal dine in, next a kind of open semi cabins in one corner with a hint of street renaissance feel to it and then obviously an outside lounging area overlooking the hills. What’s better than a single place offering different nooks and corners for every pic?

There is everything here for everybody specially speaking for the food and drinks menu. It is decently prized and worth your dough. Ranging from every sumptuous cuisine to all kinds of dancing beautiful cocktails it has it all. Your palette is bound to tingle. I can vouch for the honey chilly potatoes here coz they are nothing like anything that you have tasted. Also on my recent visit Chef Ankit Dixit suggested that I try out his best vegetarian and non vegetarian items namely dahi ke kebab and lemon grilled fish.

The fish was perfection in itself. It came with a side of spaghetti, carrot-zucchini-mushroom mix & ratatouille sauce.

So to speak of the kebabs, the word I am looking for is ‘buttery’. They were the best vegetarian kebabs and everyone should give them a try.

To top it all UK Central had called that night to perform ‘The Light Ear’ band. Giving the pub’s recent launch on 22 June 2019, it was all pre reserved and housed the most elite crowd of the town.

Mr. Nishant Pandey, manager of the place was kind enough to tell us all about the place, the concept behind it from food to music to aura and everything. UK CENTRAL speaks for itself; filled with light, life and love.


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