Juniper Love ?

Love is ugh… it makes me nauseous to say the truth. Today’s version of “love” is disturbing & heavy on the pocket. Gone are the simpler times when all you want was to smoke a doobie on the roof top while your Renaissance Class by Aroma Ma’am was in succession. Don’t those days seem much simpler now?

No unnecessary PDA

Pocket friendly gifts (a whole packet of cigarettes on seriously important days)

Yab yab yabbing starting from morning tea till dinner !

Playing cupid for the hopeless romantic people. Most importantly keeping your love life to yourself with limited sharing on social networking platforms. Yah it was key. Trust me, no vultures to hover around, no double taps, no dms no poking (both literal & metaphoric).

Find you a love that allows you to ostracise yourself from the societal drama in a positive manner. When there is love that enticing it’s everything and more.

Love that ranged from long walks to luxurious car rides. Love that entails from eating at a 5 star restaurant to sharing an omelette. A love that has seen it all from handwritten notes to sand writings on a beach. Two souls entwined so much so that everything else is background noise. Just background noise.


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